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British Seeds 

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With a wealth of botanical expertise and a commitment to environmental stewardship, UK suppliers offer a diverse range of high-quality plants and seeds suited to various climates and soil conditions. We prioritize collaboration with local growers to cultivate as many of our seeds as possible, spanning a diverse array of plants, championing the beauty and bounty of British flora.


This partnership not only ensures the freshness and quality of our products but also promotes sustainability and supports local agricultural communities. The breadth of range available through our partners is extensive, showcasing the rich tapestry of flora that thrives across the country from Larkspur to Lupins and Cornflower to Scabious. With growers situated in various locations throughout the UK, we are able to offer customers a wide selection of seeds supporting out flowers farmers, fostering regional diversity and resilience within our supply chain and also reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation, promoting a greener approach to gardening and agriculture.

We are actively working with our flower farmers to be able to support us as we grow, this takes time and so to ensure that we get continuity of supply we also offer imported seeds for sale alongside our home grown range.  Within the product ordering pages it is made clear at the point of purchase which seeds are UK and which are from further afield. 

If you are a British farmer and would like to become a supplier then please do get in touch below. 

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Meet the growers 

Meet the growers
Goose in The greehouse


Slow Goose Flowers 

Sustainable, local, organic and wild - slow flowers grown here at our micro flower farm in Wickham, Hampshire. Nestled in front of our humble abode, we cultivate our blooms organically on a picturesque quarter-acre field that's steadily expanding. With compost provided by the neighbours donkeys - no chemicals are used on the farm. We aim to provide the highest quality British blooms for florists, diy’ers and our own wedding floristry services and workshops. We grow lots of dahlias and will be breeding them for 2024  along with all the cottage garden favourites!

RN Flower Farmer Shed


Fuchsia Blooms

Fuchsia Blooms Florist took root in 2017 and what began as a wish to spend more time with nature and be more creative  organically, transcended the boundaries of  the back garden into a haven where art, emotion, and nature converged. I didn't just start a florist studio; I embarked on a journey to redefine the language of flowers.

At Fuchsia Blooms Florist, clients can step away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Our floral creations are not just about the flowers; they are about the stories they tell, the emotions they evoke, and the lasting impressions they leave.

I now grow most of the flowers I use for my weddings and events myself and collect as much seed as I can. It's such a satisfying experience when nature can come full circle.

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