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Learn how to grow cut flowers
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With 30 years of experience growing flowers for the garden, and speciality cut flowers for weddings and events for 6 years,  the time was right to branch out. People see all the beautiful flowers on Instagram but don't know where to start so we offer lots of beginners guides through to expert tips for growing the trickiest of seeds. There is also so much choice out there which calls out for a more curated range aimed at specific colour palettes, textures  & forms which todays florists and flower farmers are looking for. Many seed companies produce lots of bright colours aimed primarily at the home gardener but these are not necessarily what florists and their clients want.  I hope that with a florists eye and a degree in design that I can bring a different perspective to the world of cut flower seeds. 

Our guides are intended as a resource to help growers reach their full potential. You may be new to flower farming and just at the beginning of your journey, our everyday guides are available on the Growing Guides pages,  or you may be far down the road, be an experienced grower, and just want to explore new avenues, learn new skills or just make sure you are not missing out on anything. 


Here at The Hampshire Seed Company we also proudly support the British flower farming industry, we are dedicated to providing a diverse selection of seeds sourced from local growers across Hampshire and the UK in addition to our supply of imported seeds. Our mission is to foster collaborative working relationships within our community while promoting sustainable gardening practices. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for preserving our agricultural heritage, we strive to empower gardeners of all skill levels to cultivate thriving gardens that celebrate the beauty and diversity of British flora. Join us in supporting local agriculture and nurturing the natural abundance of our land.

Jane Westoby 

Owner & Creative Director of The Hampshire Seed Company & Fuchsia Blooms Florist 

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To contact us either fill in the form below or e mail us on, You can also reach us by phone on 07740 457730

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