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Growing Guides

Whether you're a seasoned grower with years of experience nurturing plants or a novice just dipping your toes into the world of gardening, our comprehensive guides are here to support you every step of the way. From selecting the perfect soil mix to mastering the art of propagation, we understand that the journey of cultivating a thriving garden can be both exciting and challenging.

Our aim is to provide you with expert advice, practical tips, and inspiring ideas to help you unlock the full potential of your green space, whether it's a sprawling backyard oasis, a micro flower farm or a cozy urban balcony. So, whether you're dreaming of a lush flower garden bursting with colour or envisioning a bountiful vegetable patch teeming with life, join us as we embark on this botanical adventure together.

Learn how to grow cut flowers

Jane Westoby 

Owner & Creative Director of The Hampshire Seed Company & Fuchsia Blooms Florist 

These guides are intended as a resource to help growers reach their full potential. You may be new to flower farming and just at the beginning of your journey, our everyday guides are available on the Growing Guides pages,  or you may be far down the road, be an experienced grower, and just want to explore new avenues, learn new skills or just make sure you are not missing out on anything. 

I have been a professional buyer for 25 years, so helping businesses make money has been and still is my day job. I am also passionate about flowers, gardening and floristry and have been running Fuchsia Blooms Florist for 6 years & growing my own flowers for 30 years.


I have experience in online website management and marketing,  although these are not my professional areas of expertise I am always happy to share my knowledge with others. So if there is anything  you would like advise on which is not covered below then do get in touch. 

Growing Icelandic Poppies

Growing Icelandic Poppies

Growing Dahlias

Growing Dahlias

Growing Filler Flowers

Seed Sowing Schedule

Potager Flower Garden

Plant Lifecycles

Annuals, Hardy Annual, Biennials, Perennials - What does it all mean? 


Growing Hardy Annuals


Seedling Success

Astrantia Major

Tricky Germinators

Growing From Seeds

Seed Propagation for Beginners

Crysanthemim bigoudi red

Growing Chrysanthemums


Garden Pests

Storing Dahlias over winter

Storing Dahlias

Growing Sweetpeas

Growing Sweetpeas

Grow your own bouquet

Grow Your Own Bouquet 

Breeding Dahlias

Breeding Dahlias

Seasonal Blooms Guide

Seasonal Flower Guide

Dahlias Flatlay

Maximising Crops

Verbascum Southern Charm

Equinox For Gardeners


Growing Zinnias

Growing Flowers

Succession Planning

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