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Traditionally used as a green manure this flower is so pretty and unusual for bouquets. Will attract lots of polinators  and is a weed surpressant if grown en masse.


When to Sow: Mar - Sep

As green manure Sow direct - Broacast seed over the area and rake over with 5mm of soil and water in intil established as needed. For a garden filler broadcast in drifts throughout the borders and for cut flower sow in drills.


  • Classification: Hardy Annual
  • Expert Level:  Easy to Grow
  • Germination Time: 1 Week


  • Site: Full Sun/Part Sun
  • Soil Type: Will grow in most soils
  • Soil Acidity: All 
  • Mositure: Well drained
  • Care: If using as a greem manure crops should be dug in before flowering. Will self sow freely if not cut back.
  • Use: Garden Borders, Green Manure, Cut Flowers
  • Harvesting: Cut when blooms are 50 % open.
  • Days to Maturity:  90 Days


  • Vase Life: 5 Days
  • Height: 70-90cm
  • Plant Spacing: 10cm

Phacelia Tanacetifolia

  • 1880 Seeds per packet Approx

    Please note that the majority of our seeds are packed by volume so the number of seeds indicated is an approximation.

    We make every effort to provide British seeds where possible, but in some cases our British Growers are unable to grow in sufficient quantities to meet our demand or the seeds are subject to Plant breeders' rights which means it is only possible for us to buy these seeds from certain non UK flower farms 

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