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An enchaning flower with a vareity of colours  from peachy pink throygh to dark bronze.  Single and double daisy like flowers which, if sowed early will bloom in the first year.


When to Sow: Feb - Jun

May need cold stratification to germinate.  Seeds can be placed into fridge for 4 weeks prior to sowing for best results.

Sow underglass - Surface sow onto a tray of moist well-drained compost. Just cover with a sprinkle of vermiculite and keep moist. Ideal temp 20°C.  If they do not germinate in  4 weeks then place into fridge for 4 weeks before returning to warmth. 


Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to individual pots.


  • Classification: Annual / Perennial
  • Expert Level: Medium
  • Germination Time : 1-2 weeks


  • Site: Full Sun / Part Sun
  • Soil Type: Clay/ Chalk/Loam
  • Soil Acidity: All Types
  • Mositure: Moist/Well drained
  • Care: Deadhead to extend flowering
  • Use: Cut Flowers, Garden Borders, Pots
  • Harvesting: Cut when blooms are fully open
  • Days to Maturity:  N/A


  • Vase Life: 5-7 Days
  • Height: 60cm
  • Plant Spacing: 10cm

Rudbeckia Hirta "Sahara"

  • 20 Seeds per packet Approx

    Please note that the majority of our seeds are packed by volume so the number of seeds indicated is an approximation.

    We make every effort to provide British seeds where possible, but in some cases our British Growers are unable to grow in sufficient quantities to meet our demand or the seeds are subject to Plant breeders' rights which means it is only possible for us to buy these seeds from certain non UK flower farms 


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