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Seed Sowing schedule

Unlocking the Beauty of Nature: The Power of Seed Sowing Schedules

In the journey of gardening, timing is everything. For those of us who yearn to cultivate vibrant blooms and lush greenery specially for a particular event, knowing exactly when to sow seeds can make all the difference.


This simple tool empowers growers to synchronize planting efforts,  ensuring that flowers bloom precisely when desired, whether it's for a special occasion, a specific event, or simply to enhance the beauty of our outdoor spaces.

A Seed Sowing Schedule is a meticulously crafted timeline that guides  the grower through the optimal windows for planting the desired crops and give simple information such as  Classification, Care and When to sow. These can all guide  when a seed can be planted, for example Hardy Annuals can be sowed in Autumn and many of them are cut & come again flowers so really its not necessary to plan these crops so meticulously as they will flower over such a long period of time anyway. They can also be sowed in Spring, but these sowings will flower a little later than Autumn sowed crops. 

Seed Sowing SChedule

There is a also a guide to when the typical natural flowering months are for each particular variety and when they can be sowed. If your dates fall out of this range then sowing is unlikely to lead to a positive outcome unless you are using grow lights and heat. These general dates are based on natural germination in optimal conditions with final planting in outdoor locations. This is something you can experiment with so see how early to can get a good crop with artificial lights and grow mats.


It is also possible to bring forward some of these flowering dates simply by planting into a greenhouse, I have managed to get succesful early crops of sweetpeas, Nigella,  Cornflower, tulips, Ranunculus and anemones  simply by planting indoors. The same can be said for the end of the season with Chrysathemums. If they can be protected from the rain it is possible to still be cutting them in December 

You can down the excel version below and simply change the  "Date Blooms Required" date, or if you would just like a handy ready reckoner for when each seed can be planted then there is also a PDF version to download. This can also be used in conjunction with our monthly full colour Seasonal Flower Guide

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