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A beautifully fragrent flower which will produce blooms all summer long. The more you cut the more they will bloom. Great for the vase and bouquets adding structure, fragrance and frills. In additiona a great garden staple climbing over trellises, wigwams and anything which gets in their way.




When to Sow: Oct - May


HOW TO SOW: Before sowing soak seed for 24 hours.

Sowing under glass - Autumn. Sow several seeds 10mm deep into moist well-drained soil. Ideal temp 20-25°C. Once germinated grow on in cooler conditions (overwinter in a coldframe or greenhouse for a little protection) Can be planted out in spring as overwintered seedlings will be frost tolerant.

Plant out spring sowed seedlings after danger of frost has passed. Sow directly after danger of frost has passed into drills of prepared soil. Provide support framework for it to climb on


Classification: Hardy Annual

Expert Level: Easy to Grow

Germination Time: 1-3 Weeks

Site: Full Sun

Soil Type: Sand/ Loam

Soil Acidity: All Types

Mositure: Moist/Well Drained


Care: Cut & Come Again. Pinch after first 2 sets of leaves have formed for bushier growth. Deadhead reglarly for more flowers

Use: Cut Flowers, Garden Climber

Harvesting: Harvest with only bottom 2 flowers open on the stem

Days to Maturity: 75-90 Days

Vase Life: 4 to 5 days


Plant Spacing: 2x seeds per 8cm

Lathyrus Odoratus (Sweetpea) Spencer "Mixed Stripes"

  • 20 Seeds per packet Approx

    Please note that the majority of our seeds are packed by volume so the number of seeds indicated is an approximation.

    We make every effort to provide British seeds where possible, but in some cases our British Growers are unable to grow in sufficient quantities to meet our demand or the seeds are subject to Plant breeders' rights which means it is only possible for us to buy these seeds from certain non UK flower farms 

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