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What Seeds to sow in April

April is a such a busy time in the garden and greenhouse and if you are anything like me it's difficult to find any space for more seedlings.

In addition to succession sowing annuals April is also the time to start sowing Half Hardy Annuals. These are flowers which are heat lovers, they don't do well if sowed early and will often sulk and turn leggy so its best to wait until after equinox when the days are longer and the days and nights warmer. They will still require some heat and protection if the weather is cool so its best to start them indoors for now.

My favourite seeds to sow in April for the cutting patch:


The most perfect cut flower, Zinnias will repeat flower all the way upto the first frosts for a single sowing. Sow under glass and and plant in final flowering position once the risk of frost has passed, alternatively they can also be sowed direct where they are to flower once the risk of frost has passed. The growing tips should be pinched out once the first 2 sets of leaves have fully formed to ensure a bushy plant with lots of flowers. Explore our selection of Zinnias.


These makes such an unusual addition to bouquets and installations with the dangling stems of the caudatus series great for floral chandaliers and moongates and the upright stems of Cruentus. Both unusual and both absolutely fabulous. Stems should be stripped of al leaves before use as these will quickly wilt but the "Flowers" will last very well out of water.

Sow indoors thinly as seeds are tiny and will soon get over croweded. Thin out and plant in final flowering position after risk of frost has passed. Explore out selection of Amaranthus.


Sun loving beauties traditionally grown for bedding but can also be grown for the vase, they are very cold sensitive so if in double just wait to sow. Sow under glass, thin out and plant in final flowering position when weather is sufficiently warm and you are sure that the risk of frost has passed. Pinching out the growing tips will encourage branching and more flowers. Explore Celosia


A favourite for the potager garden and also as a sacrificial crop to keep pests away from other more prized flowers. The seeds are large so can be sowed just 2-3 per pot 4" pot and planted out when risk of frost has passed . There is no need to pinch as they will naturally branch and produce a profusion of flowers which in turn will self seed all over the garden. Explore Nasturtiums

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