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Sweetpeas From cuttings

Updated: Mar 12

Sweetpeas are mainly grown from seed, however it's also possible to grow them from cuttings. So if you have a favourite variety but no many seeds its a great way to get plants for free.

Sweetpeas from cuttings

This cutting was taken on 2nd Feb from my autumn sowings. They were ready for pinching and instead of chucking the snippings onto the compost I dipped the ends in hormone rooting power and popped them into a pot filled with compost & vermiculite. I inserted them all around the edges of the pot.

Taking sweetpea cuttings

I watered then well and placed them into a propagator. It first onto a head matt but it as too hot for them and they did begin to wilt so I took then off and just left them with a propagator lid on and spritzed then with a little water each day to keep them hydrated. 3 weeks later they has rooted and started to grow again .

What a total gamechanger!

For step by stem instructions visit our page Sweetpeas from Cuttings.

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